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Halloween Games

Seeing as this year Halloween is on a Wednesday night and many people will have to work in the morning here are some of our quick family game night suggestions.  I’m sure we would like to have the kids do more than just disappear into their rooms with a sack of candy.  Halloween will be a good excuse to get everyone around a table together, noses out of screens and some actual human interaction we can keep in theme with the Holiday.

Younger kids Age 6 + up

Exploding Kittens : a quick fun card game simple rules (similar to UNO) not really scary (unless you are the cat) or Halloween based but fun the same for all ages.

Welcome to the Dungeon Nothing says family like a attacking a dungeon together.  This one is quick, usually under 30 min. Simple rules kind of a game of dungeon “chicken”.  The art work is more cartoonish and not frightening. A lot of fun.

Dobble: A visual perception game for age 6 and up where players race each other to match identical symbols between cards. The images may be different sizes and on different places on the cards making them difficult to spot. A quick, easy and fun game for all ages.

Kids a bit older? Age 10+up

King of New York:  Be the movie monster!  Battle other monsters and try to become famous, but watch out for the military!  Great game, has won many awards. Plays in under an hour.

Boss Monster: Be the dungeon Boss, slay the hero, keep your treasure.  All art based on classic video game characters.  Deck building game where you are the bad guy, compete to lure would be heroes to your dungeon and the first one to defeat 10 heroes with your traps and dungeon rooms wins.  Great game for the family.

Kids age 12+ up.  “The family that plays together stays together”.  I really like these games for family play based on their co operative game play.  No fighting or blaming eachother or starting silly squabbles around the table.  You all work together as a team and the game is the enemy. Great Halloween games.

Betrayal at House on the Hill:  Build and explore a haunted house and work together to escape.  Secretly one of the team members betrays the other players and the team must work together to defeat the traitor. 3-6 players great group game.

The Walking Dead: All out War!! : This is a tactical game based on the Walking Dead comic series. The simple rules of this game lend itself to narrative style play.  This game allows a variety of ways to play. It can be played completely co operative, everyone for themselves or group vs group!  However you choose to play this game; it moves quickly and every turn shows each player that everything is out to get them.  Zombies are plenty and they are also not the only enemy. Can you and your group survive another day?!!

Zombicide: Black Plague This game combines the Zombie Apocalypse with medieval times.  Your group’s objective is to stop the necromancer who is summoning the Zombies and defeat the abominations he unleashes as well as the Zombies. This is an excellent co operative play game and everyone must work together to survive. This game is tense and full of non stop action from the first roll. This game can be played 1-6 players and each mission never plays out the same way twice.

Dungeon Saga: Gather your group of up to 5 heroes and take on the Necromancer and his undead minions to save the world in this co-operative game.  The well written and simple rules allow players to learn to play as they go. Each character has it’s own strengths and role and working together is a must.  It plays in about a half hour and can be expanded for more difficult, longer and in depth game play within an epic story.

Mansions of Madness: A fully co operative board game for 1-5 players that is set in the same universe as Eldritch Horror and Eldritch Sign.  This game is app driven and the app guides you through the veiled streets of Innsmouth and the haunted corridors of Arkham’s cursed mansions as you search for answers and respite. You will have to solve complex puzzles, collect weapons, tools and information all while battling monsters, insanity and death. A longer game with a run time of 2-3 hours but it plays smoothly and has won many awards and continues to be praised in gaming communities.

A Touch of Evil: The Supernatural Game:  Another great game that heroes can choose to play competitively or cooperatively. Set in the dawn of the 19th century; an age of science, superstition, and witchcraft. Howling fills the night as a full moon rises over the small, secluded village of Shadowbrook. Gruesome murders have become a daily occurrence and terror haunts the streets at night. An evil creature has taken up residence here and the countryside is engulfed by a tide of darkness. Only by investigating the town and building your Hero’s strength can you hope to hunt down the Supernatural Villain to his Lair and defeat him in an epic Showdown. Plays in 90 minutes. For 1-6 players.

Why not get the family together slaying some Zombies, Monsters and the Undead this Halloween?!

What about your family?  Do you have a Halloween favourite? Start the kids enjoying board games at an early age to create a life time of involvement and reap the social and educational benefits table top board gaming provides.

Don’t forget that all these titles are 10% off on with your coupon code


I would love to hear more about what you will be playing this Halloween.  Let us know.

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Store Log Special – That Guy!

Welcome to Store Log! An irreverent look at gaming from the point of view of a fictional games store owner.  This special looks at the phenomena of “That Guy” and is a list of behaviours compiled from the experiences of “semi-ficticious” store owners, reality challenged customers and of course  special appearances from “That Guy” himself.

How to be “That Guy” in a games store. 

  1. Talk to everyone about a game nobody has heard of. Not just any game this game has to be obscure, not stocked by the store, out of print, and few people including yourself even play it. Make sure you derail each conversation into talk about this game, it’s history, anecdotes about it’s background. If anyone tries to get you to play it – never do!

  2. Be rude to staff members.

  3. Turn up to an in store games event with no intention of joining in. Try to distract the players and event organisers. Use any means unnecessary such as useful painting tips, offer unsolicited advice, make crude & racist jokes, talk about old games you have played. This works better if you have no idea of how the game works.

  4. Use the stores rubbish bin or recycling bins for games wrappers and other products that you have NOT purchased in store.

  5. Interrupt sales in progress. Try as best you can to disrupt this process. Offer unsolicited advice, talk loudly about how you know the system better than anyone, try to get the customer to buy something else, better still try to sell them something you own. It helps if there are more than one of you doing this.

  6. Throw things at customers, staff members and at passers by.

  7. Pretend you are a demonstrator for a games company. Convince the store owner to run a games event for said games company, entice the store owner to purchase products and promotional merchandise for this game. At the last minute tell everyone it’s cancelled.

  8. Ask for discounts on everything especially small items or on items already on sale. If have convinced the owner to give a discount, back out at the last minute.

  9. If a member of staff is serving at the till. Call out to them and tell them it’s their turn. If necessary follow them round the store holding out dice or cards. Make sure everyone knows they are holding up the game.

  10. If you are enrolled in an event or tournament. Don’t read the rulebook or online PDF with the particulars of the event. Turn up late, insist everyone waits for you, while you hand write an army list. Play with the wrong figures bonus if they are unpainted. During the games make sure you argue about the rules whenever possible – especially about obvious things like dice facings even after you have been proved wrong by a Tournament Organiser with a rulebook in hand.

  11. Talk loudly about details of your personal life. This can include details of your health such as upcoming operations, particulars of an upset stomach, affairs you may be having, any impeding restraining orders taken out against you, your bowel movements,

  12. Be rude to the store owners family.

  13. Discuss particular parts of anatomy displayed on games pieces or in games literature in front of young children or better yet elderly people.

  14. Threaten the store owner with physical violence or steal something – then run away.

  15. If you witness to an illegal event such as the above or a theft, claim you were “ present but cannot recall what happened” when questioned by police.

  16. If you have been barred from entry to the store. Pretend you have no idea why this happened Play the victim to everyone who will listen. Bonus if the reason you were barred resembles anything on this list.

  17. If there is a toilet for customer use try NOT to leave it as you would wish it to be found.

  18. The store is a great place to bring up your opinions about equality in the workplace. By your opinions regarding equality I mean Hitler’s.

  19. Always critique the work of others. If anyone paints or builds a model well, spent a lot of money and time on making it look great but doesn’t necessarily follow the box instructions, shout HERESY! Point out flaws in the work, using your skewed and narrow views on history and the imaginary background of other fantasy & sci-fi games. The store social media is a great place to do this.

  20. If someone enters the store who is not a regular – harass them! Particularly if they are starting the gaming hobby from fresh. Use every opportunity to get in their face. Bonus points if the person is NOT a white, able bodied, heterosexual, cisgendered, adult male from your own country.



Disclaimer: Store Log is a work of satirical fiction.  The characters and events depicted in “Store Log” are purely fictitious and are meant as a satirical and irreverent view of gaming.  They do not represent any religious, gender, political or any other bias.



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Why you need to play Kings of War

Kings of War is the best fantasy war game ever!

It’s quick

Kings of Wars simple and intuitive system is fast. The rules are incredibly easy to learn and the stats of the armies are self-explanatory. More fantastic elements such as magic, artillery or flying troops are incorporated into Mantic’s streamlined rules. So their inclusion adds to the flavour of the game while maintaining the flow. You can play 2000 points in an evening comfortably – including setup time, tea breaks and interruptions.

It’s balanced

The rules reward use of placement of troops and out manoeuvring your opponent . Winning a game is down to how you use your army. Each armies strengths and weaknesses have been balanced against each other by the rules committee.

The main rulebook has eleven armies inside. They were written at the same time, and they all use the same rules in the book.

It’s very smartly priced

Just take a look at the army deal boxes.  No Really check them out

You already have the figures

Chances are if you are reading this you may own a number of fantasy figures. You can use them in this game with a minimum of fuss. You can even mix your Mantic figures with those of other companies in your regiments and armies.

Its well supported

There are a number of Tournaments and campaigns happening everywhere. The Summer 2017 saw the global Edge of the Abyss campaign with long lasting effects for the future of the world of Mantica.

Mantic has a number of supplements for this game. A full campaign book including rules for the characters from scenarios for Dungeon Saga Here! Mantic’s dungeon crawler game set in the same world.

Uncharted Empires contains army lists for nine more armies. Contains some of the more esoteric armies such as alternate takes on existing human kingdoms, Beastmen, that Halfling army you wanted, Ratmen, ancient themed undead, nightmare legions and many more…

Kings of War historical, the game rules even work for ancient, dark ages and medieval armies. Fight historic battles or blend the two to fight some interesting battles like Romans vs Orcs or Spartans vs Elves

Don’t take my word – try it today!

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Ultramarines! Or Why did I sell these again ..? Part 2

Welcome to the conclusion of an old project I sold ages ago..  This project was a great test for Deco Art paints and I had got into a great rhythm painting the Ultramarines.  I choose to continue the colour scheme into a new project.

Oldhammer is what many players are calling the 80s period of the hobby.  For this project I wanted to get into some classic models.  That last thing I had painted for the previous project army was Terminators so I decided to continue..

One of the things I like about these models is the concept has not changed much over the years.  They are still very recognisable.  Once I started the squad I quickly added a classic Terminator Captain to the production line.  Again I added designs and detail to the officers.  Though this wasn’t too hard.  The knee pad had an embossed skull & Iron cross onto a quartered background which was copied onto the shoulder pad and belt buckle.


For sergeant and assault cannon I didn’t do anything too fancy.  Sometimes completing a project is better than being too ambitious and not completing it.  It can be seen that The Inquisition has favoured both those brothers and they proudly display the accolade.


After completing both projects they went into my eBay shop.  The RT Terminator squad lead to a further commission of more terminators from the original release.  The client was going to use them all for Space Hulk and had special bases prepared so I left the bases blank.


I really enjoyed this commission a great excuse to paint more models.  Perhaps one day I will revisit my painting roots.  Though there are excellent models being released all the time, it’s important to remember the classic models from yesteryear.



Paints – Deco Art Crafter’s Acrylic

Models – Citadel

Varnish – Vallejo

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Ultramarines! Or Why did I sell these again..? Part1

Before I opened the store, I had recently recovered from a painting hiatus.  Like a number of gamers I was buying figures from eBay and trade shows.  This can be a good way to get cheaper and out of production models – though you can never be sure of what is available.  Among the figures I ended up with was a number of Space Marines with an embossed symbol on their armour.  I had painted a squad for a commission years ago and thought that it would be good to revisit the familiar colour scheme.  Combined with a number of older figures in my collection the decision was made.  I was going to  paint an Ultramarines Army.


The last time I had painted Ultramarines was over 10 years ago.  The principles hadn’t changed though one big thing had.  I was using an entirely new paint set: Crafter’s Acrylic from Deco Art.

My first to paint was the tactical squad  now named Squad V.  Composed mainly of  starter set, many of them have chapter and tactical symbols moulded onto the armour already making painting them really easy.    To complete the squad I needed a heavy weapon and another marine.


These two were from my existing collection the 1998 tactical marines and the 2004 plastic devastators. I chose the heavy plasma gun to be different from the usual missile launcher squad weapon load out. The final marine was completed with an arm from an earlier version of space marines.  Which brings me to Squad III all the way from 1993.


OK so a few are from the 1998 version of MK7 armour.  Though if you look closely all of the backpacks, arms are from the early nineties and most of the weapons are too.  By now I had got into a rhythm of production line painting ultramarines.  So I needed to change things up.  It was time for Terminators


These older figures were pinned onto larger bases than they shipped with, and they certainly look more comfortable on them. The Codex Astartes is a great resource for Space Marine colour schemes, even if it is fictional.  It certainly helps to be accurate on things like helmet colours and sergeant markings especially with Ultramarines.  Shields on the other hand are for personalisation…


I filled in a few quarters though I left the last one blank for future honours.  This marine was being prepared for promotion to a command position.

To be continued…


Models by citadel miniatures

Paints used are Deco Art from Crafter’s Acrylics

Citadel Varnish

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The Future …

A new game has happened here over the summer.  OK maybe it’s not a new game, but its new enough.  Deadzone from Mantic games is a sci-fi skirmish game that is fast and fun.  The miniatures are great and the scenery actually makes sense with the rules.  Best of all it’s played on a 2′ x 2′ board so a large number of games can be played here.



One of the factions you get in the box are called Enforcers.  In the background of the game they are above the local corporate interests and are the one who ‘enforce’ the councils will.  That is they are the ones who makes sure everyone in the Deadzones are dead and that no-one gets in or out.   These men and women are enhanced psycho’s with the best armour and equipment available.


My take on them..  In the background book to Warpath, another great game (actually two) set in the same universe.  There is a passage about failed and past experiments of the enforcer program, what caught my eye was the passage about re-routing troopers personality to never stray from the preservation of the GCPS.  Also the fact that they hacked their own masters computers and tried to  eliminate a council member.   So my seeds for a store army are in said “failed experiment” and it’s re-structuring for use in patrolling Deadzones and limited law enforcement…


So guess what film I was watching the night before painting…





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Store Army – Oldhammer 40k Space Marines

I love Rogue Trader.  It’s fun, irreverent, and full of useful information.  I encourage everyone who plays 40k now to read this book and any publications from that era.  But it doesn’t explain how I ended up with this particular 40k army. …

It all began when I was stripping some RTB01 marines. I once witnessed a group of gamers playing call of duty, who decided to have a knife fight, instead of running round shooting each other.  It was very odd as no-one spoke – it just kinda happened.  I thought that was pretty cool so I modelled my first squad on that encounter. For a colour scheme I thought that nothing says Rogue Trader louder than Dark Angels in black.  After painting them I was hooked.  So a tactical squad and a rhino inevitably followed.

There are a few bits  from newer kits on these models.  Though I don’t think they disrupt the feel of the army.

My next mission was a scout squad.  By the time the Advanced Space Crusade scouts had come out, the Dark Angels had gone green.  No references at that time to what their colour scheme should be in RT print so I made one up.  The Imperial Guard had a unit called whiteshields.  A unit of young cadets who had yet to earn the right to wear the insignia of the regiment.  I thought the same could apply to the marines.  Also as scouts why should they give away vital intelligence?

Scouts bridge the gap between Imperial guard and marines, so I used green and brown here, as well as black.  And yeah a range of skin tones here marines are all of humanities finest. A planet that had just one skin tone / hair colour would have died from inbreeding long before colonizing the stars.

Anyway I ended up playing the force in a small campaign.  They needed a lascannon, for this mission so I ended up painting another squad.  What is the point of one marine when you can have ten?

A little more detail here went into this squad.  Purity seals and dedications from the codex itself.

Finally a terminator librarian.  I did think about original black for him.  Though re-reading Deathwing  (the short story from the Space Hulk supplement) convinced me otherwise.  Blue being the codex colour for librarians is used as a secondary colour.


Thanks for reading this far, when I add more models I will let you know…


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Kings of Death

Background to my store undead army. The locations and time-line is vague enough for it to be placed in any number of fantasy settings.The rule set I am using is currently Kings of War from Mantic.  Kings of War game rules can be used in a number of fantasy settings and I encourage everyone who has not done so to try them out.

I believe many people are under misconception that certain fantasy armies are good and others evil.  In an age where it is common for people carry axes and swords.Where folk can be killed due to their race and/or religious beliefs, quite openly and their deaths welcomed. Where many castles have torture chambers. Good and evil can cease to carry any meaning.

Undead armies in particular are nearly always portrayed as the bad guy.  How many times has the word evil preceded ghost or dead.  Though I am of the belief that folk do not return from the dead for no good reason.  Anyone who has seen “The crow” may agree with this.

While I am not trying to create an army of heroic, dead, good-guys.  What I am trying to present is a more balanced view, of an army containing flawed yet honourable individuals who happen to be on the wrong side of life.

Kings of Death

The Warriors

They hail from the ruins of Ceargwarchodwyr. In life they were a force of brutal but honourable warriors. Sworn to protect their fortress and the roads from any who would challenge them. Ceargwarchodwyr was also a military academy of incredibly high standards. They would accept only the strong and most courageous fighters of all the land. Training was brutal, long hours and tough physical and mental challenges over seen by a graduate. Death and injury was not uncommon among prospects. Upon completion of training usually at a battle a prospect was welcomed as family member.

The Oaths taken by prospects upon elevation were binding and complete. They swore fealty to their order, the roads, their comrades. They swore against dishonour, cowardice and dishonesty. They were not however a deeply philosophical or spiritual people, though they may have started that way. Having hailed from many backgrounds the warriors had one part of philosophy that united them which was courage. The differences in each faith mattered less and less over time. Even the binding vows that were still made were misunderstood as “mere ritual”, as “courage is the true soul of life”.

Their responsibility was to protect trade routes and lines of communication. They maintained several keeps at various intersections. Their enemies could be anyone, and once found the wardens would demand reparations for the transgressions. For small groups of brigands this usually amounted to all their possessions and their lives. Were any quarry to have origins in a village, town or larger settlement a tribute for reparations would be demanded from the leaders. If the tribute could not be met, the city would be besieged and tribute taken by force.

The betrayal

The Wardens built a number with the many settlements of the different races across the lands. This aided the towns for trade in times of peace, though hindered the machinations of the ambitious warlords. Most of the worldly languages were learned and news began to travel fast.  Ceargwarchodwyr was set to become one of the dominating powers of the world. Diplomacy and trade however is a two way street and no King needed reminding of to whom they defer…

It did not take long for the enemies of Ceargwarchodwyr to begin to conspire. A well placed bribe to the lord and chancellor of the keep to ‘look the other way’ so as “Individual Kings may decide to exact their own justice, without troubling the brave Wardens” was all that was needed. And soon Ceargwarchodwyr  itself was besieged. The lords who had broken their word were eradicated by the forces which they swore against. The resultant backlash of power breached the fortress walls and the enemy poured in.

For the warriors who remained true, they found themselves on the loosing side of the battle. Unable to keep their vows, betrayed and outflanked they soon were all defeated. The remaining keeps remained steadfast though eventually they all succumbed. The binding forces, upon which they had sworn refused to let them rest in peace. They had sword upon their lives, to the land herself that the roads will always be safe, to the sanctity of their fortress and to each other. Once the vows were broken the imbalance was clear – storms, earthquakes and diseases tore through the lands they once protected. Propaganda was spread regarding the “true dark nature” of the once noble protectors. The intemperate world added “proof” and the people cursed and then forgot their former wardens.

Next time – survival in un-life and the cult of death

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Store undead army

A few pictures of the undead army I am working on for kings of war.  The kings of war army lists are great for incorporating models from any number of manufacturers.  Here I have Oldhammer skeleton cavalry alongside Mantic’s revenants lead by a characters from reaper miniatures.   I hope to stock reaper miniatures in the new year.




I am working on more skeleton infantry from Mantic.  They are really great models and the sprues have many great things on them. Anyone who knows me recognises the fact that my army needs more spearmen…



Anyway the idea of my army is that an independent liche has enlisted the services of an army long dead.  They were a group of warriors who protected the roads from brigands.  They were betrayed by their own leadership and their fortress destroyed in the ensuing battles.  However the vows each warrior undertook were binding beyond the grave – the old leadership suffered terrible consequences.  Those who remained true could not pass on, and continue to patrol the roads and bring death to the dishonourable, the cowards and the brigands.