Playing Games in Store

The store has a number of board games, scenery and tables for you to play games on. The table fee is €5 per person and includes a drink. If you are new to a game system, please feel free to ask a gremlin about how the rules work and a short demo can be provided. You can also book a table to paint or build miniatures on, some paints & glue can be provided though please bring your own brushes.

The skirmish tables includes boards and terrain for fantasy, sci-fi and modern apocalyptic as well as star field maps for space combat. Extra dice, miniatures and counters if available can be provided where necessary.


  • Membership is costed €20 Monthly and gives 2 free sessions per week and grants 10% OFF items not already discounted. If the sale is less than 10% or is at 10% gives 15%.
  • Periodically there will be additions to the games library. Members will be permitted to take part in an advisory poll to have their say in which games to add.
  • 3 Months for €55
  • 6 Months for €105 – Bring a friend FREE once per month
  • Annual for €200 – Bring a Friend FREE once per month + Unlimited Access (no cover charge)
  • Excludes Games Tournament Fee’s
  • Membership runs per calender month and starts from the 1st.

Booking a table is simple, you can call or email the store to check availability or just pop in and ask in person. To help find people to play against there is a Facebook group associated with the store page. Please feel free to join the group and follow and like the page for upto date news. If you are not on that particular social media platform – you can always pop in and ask in person.

Board Games in progress

The growing games library so far is pictured below. The gremlins are always trying new games and the growing library is always a work in progress. If you can’t see the game you’d like to play please feel free to ask or make a suggestion. The game you are after may very well end up in the library.

strategy games
Board Games
Adventure Games
Skirmish Games
A selection of Wargames supported by the store, there are of course many more