Playing Games in Store

Booking a Table

The store has a room customers to play games. Booking a table is simple, you can call or email the store to check availability or just pop in and ask in person. The table fee is €5, which includes a drink. Once that is paid you may continue playing until the store closes. A membership scheme is available which gives discounts on table fee’s and offers a number of excellent benefits. Up to two under 12s may play in store free per each paying adult.

To help find people to play against there is a Facebook group associated with the store page. Please feel free to join the group and follow and like the page for up to date news. If you are not on that particular social media platform – you can always pop in and ask in person.

When choosing a game you may pick from any game in the library or bring one of your own. If you need help choosing feel free to ask for suggestions or for a demonstration of how the rules work. Once you have finished please leave all game components on the table. Mister Bridger is quite particular about putting things away and prefers to do it himself – by ordering a gremlin to do it.


  • Membership is costed at €20 per calendar month and permits daily access to the games library & tables until the end of the month.
  • Grants 10% OFF items not already discounted. Does not include drinks or food.
  • You may be offered a drink once per visit.
  • A non-gamer significant other may be offered a drink too, if they are waiting for you to finish a game.
  • Excludes Games Tournament Fee’s
  • Membership runs per calendar month and starts from the 1st


There are two types of game demo’s available, introductions & complete.

An introduction is free and takes around 20 minutes. You will be shown how the game mechanics work in the simplest way possible. In order to give you the best understanding of the rules, some of the more advanced rules may be left out where possible. Or for the sake of time, play will continue until certain arbitrary goals are met.

A complete demonstration is available for anyone who has paid a table fee and wishes to try out a new game. A gremlin will be on hand to explain the all rules as you go. Taking you through each turn as you have a complete understanding of how the game works.

Role Playing Games

Role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons can be a very fun experience. If you want to book a table for an RPG it is booked in the usual way. With some advanced notice, the store can provide props that can help immersion such as dungeon furniture, miniatures or tabletop scenery.

Board Games

There is a library of games available for customers to play. Booking for a board game again follows the same process outlined above. When booking for a board game please check for availability. With some notice the game may be set up in advance of your arrival. Many games such as Dungeon Saga or Zombicide have linked scenarios, or characters that improve or gain better equipment. For your better enjoyment records may be by save-game gremlin. Therefore if playing weekly for example you may resume play from exactly where you left the game.

Skirmish Games

The store has a number of different sized boards, mats and terrain for different environments. When booking for one of these a number of articles can be provided such as dice, miniatures and markers. Currently the store can support 28mm – 32mm modern apocalyptic, sci-fi & fantasy, or starship based encounters.

Tournaments & Special Events

On certain days the store will be running a gaming event such as a painting competition or tournament. Typically their will be an associated cost (members may pay less) and a list of rules to follow. It is usually not possible to book a table to play any other game when a gaming event is being run.

Many manufacturers of games supply bricks and mortar stores with “Organised Play Kits”. These usually take the form of rare and limited edition game components or other items not on general release. This means you can get a prize that can be used in your next game. They can usually only obtained by playing at your local gaming store.