Meet the (Gremlins) Team

Snarglick Mowntin Dwella spokes-gremlin and resident of the mountain.  Snarglick is one of the few multi-lingual gremlins on the mountain.  He his currently head of the department for non-human personnel.  A responsibility he takes quite seriously.  As everyone knows a favoured meal among the Mountain Gremlins is human fingers.  Snarglick maintains the supply from a certain person from Victorian London..

Mister Bridger A retired Troll who is an investor in the business.  Mister Bridger found a monocle and re-invented himself as gentry.  His holdings include a bridge, and the inn by the bridge and a small country cottage where he currently resides. In his life as a gentleman he has “discovered”  many business associates through reading The Times newspaper which he has delivered anachronistically .

Dusty An mighty, ancient, fierce, powerful powerful Dragon who is also an investor in the business.  Dusty is so called as only those who can breathe fire can pronounce his name.  After a few too many adventurers tried looting his cave Dusty developed addiction issues and nearly lost his hoard.  He has decided to invest the remainder in the business alongside with his old pal Mr Bridger.

Omar – The Mountain Lord’s Social media manager and part time model/actor/dancer.  He managed to broker a deal that protected undead persons working rights such as the right to bereavement payment and sickness leave.

Omar may have the appearance of a 28 year old living human, but is actually an ancient undead mummy called Omerohtep IV .  His true form can only be revealed if you call him by his true name.  His father (Omerohtep III) disproves of his ‘lifestyle choices’ and would disown him if he ever found out he works as equals with other beings.  Omar tells his father that he his only here to command the undead contingent and to allow lesser beings to gaze upon his unearthly beauty.  He has also convinced himself of that second dubious fact…

Rear Admiral,  Lord B’Stard OBE.  An associate of both Mister Bridger and Dusty.  Though a member of the Conservative party and has a seat in the House of Lords,  Lord B’Stard works directly for the Mountain Lord.  Some say he bargained for Immortality.

He survived the sinking of the Titanic by commandeering one of the remaining life boats.  The life boat was too full at the time, though he managed to “save lives” by ordering the women and children to be thrown off first, followed by  members of the “lower classes”.   He then populated the life boat with only aristocracy and suitably rich members of high society as “someone aught to do the bloody rowing”.

Lord B’Stard ensured the end of homelessness in his county by executing all rough sleepers.

Your Man There –  He is usually there painting miniatures and will happily show you around the store.  If you have the time he can run a demo of the games or tell you about the latest project he is working on.  If you are passing by, please do pop in and say hello.  WARNING! This guy might actually exist in real life.

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Some of the people listed here may be works of fiction.  Any resemblance to persons living, dead or undead are purely coincidental.