Halloween Spooky Painting Competition

Halloween of 2020 the store ran an online painting here are the four best entries:

This first one is a Primaris Space Marine. What is noteworthy here is the lack of any of the hallmarks of a typical Space Marine. Gone are the usual clean armour, purity seals and honours Replaced by the bloodstained battered armour, a slain enemy and a thousand yard stare. A great re-imagined War-Hound from this commission painter.

Painted by “The Hairy Painter”

This next one is a kit bash from a number of different models showing a ghostly horde of Cavalry. This is actually two “cavalry regiments” for Kings of War and really is a great demonstration of the possibilities for multi-basing in the game. Also notable is the artist using a number of miniatures outside of the typical undead range of miniatures. He simply lets his brush do the work.

If you have arachnophobia beware this entry! The models is from the Monster expansion to the game Rising Son by CMON . Some great additions here including the base and webbing on the collection of heads. A truly monstrous piece by this commission painter.

Possibly one of the best miniatures from the Age of Sigmar range – Lady Olynder! A slight alternate assembly here, working the wing spirits as part of the base really pays off. You attention remains on the model herself when looking at the Mortach of Grief and there is still plenty happening along the base. Noteworthy here are the bloodstained robes – just enough to make use of the surface area, while not detracting from the details.