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June 29 - July 05
  • 29

    Games Tables Re-open

    11:00 -18:00
    2 Commercial Quay

    Gaming tables are open to the public during regular hours.



  • 30
    No events
  • 01

    Casual Games Night

    17:00 -21:00
    2 Commercial Quay

    If you wanted to join a casual group of tabletop gamers this event may be for you.

    The store will be open later than advertised so you can come in after work and get in a few hours of gaming.

    We play a number of board games such as Coup, Carcassone, Catan or Killer Bunnies.

    Meet people,play games have fun.

    The cost is €5 and includes a drink.

  • 02
    No events
  • 03

    Magic The Gathering Draft

    17:00 -21:00
    2 Commercial Quay

    Join us for a few games of Magic the Gathering. The store will open until 9pm to allow for games to complete.

    5:30 The Event Begins

    A great time to grab a coffee, pull up a chair and say hello

    6:00 The Doors Close

    The period of trading registration and maybe a casual game or two

    7:00 Bring Forth the Lands

    Now would be a good time to make sure you have purchased your boosters and have a chair

    7:30 The Draft Begins

    Good luck everyone

    Standard table fees apply plus the cost of the boosters

    Format is Draft

  • 04
    No events
  • 05
    No events