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How to start Deadzone

Deadzone is fast paced sci-fi miniature skirmish game set is a corporate dystopian galaxy. Played on a 2′ x 2′ area with an integrated terrain system, Deadzones rules are simple to learn and very intuitive. The game rewards players for using tactics in the game as much as their collection of miniatures.

The two books you need to play Deadzone are the Rulebook and the force list. The rules for all ten factions are contained within the force list book. Sixteen scenarios and a campaign system are included in the rulebook.

The first decision to make is whether to get the two player starter set or the main rulebook.

If you are starting Deadzone this set is perfect, it contains the rules, force lists, counters and dice that you need to run the game. As well as a play mat, terrain and starting models for two factions, the Veer-Myn and the Corporate Marines of the GCPS. On the reverse of the play mat is a tutorial map for introductory play, which is great for first time players.

The next stage is to get paints, glue and tools to assemble and paint your collection. The terrain assembly is very intuitive and supports multiple build types. The troopers themselves vary in complexity from the basic soldiers to the characters and monsters. There are detailed instructions for building these models contained in the box and if you get really stuck or this is your first time pop in and ask.

The alternative is to buy the Rulebook set.

The Rulebook Set is the rulebook, force List and counters from the boxed set above. This is perfect if you are upgrading from the previous version of the game, or if you would prefer a different faction from those included in the starter set. Of course to play you will need models for your chosen faction, command dice, D8s and terrain. All of which are available from the store.

Just a few images of a few factions for Deadzone, plenty more in the books.

OK you’re still reading? Great! Did you know that you can use the miniatures and terrain from Star Saga in your Deadzone games? Perfect companion system provided you enjoy tactical, fast-paced, sci-fi adventure. Pop in for your demo soon and remember #Deadzoneislife

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Imperial GCPS

While preparing to run a few games of Deadzone I noticed a similarity of the GCPS faction with the Imperial Guard. With that in mind I decided to use that excuse to paint up a few oldhammer Rogue Trader Imperial Guard.

The tall chap with the shot gun is a conversion using more modern pieces. As is the sergeant who has a modern chainsword. A quick and fun side project with added benefits and expansion potential.

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Future Steel

At the time of writing I have a Deadzone Demo in two weeks.  Therefore I had to paint a number of strike forces.  I have completed my Enforcers some time ago, and have planned on painting the Forge Fathers models too, but had no colour scheme.


My original idea was that they were a group of volcanic world ore miners and started making lava bases.  Since it is the Forge Fathers who made the Enforcer armour and the squads are called Steel Warriors, I thought it would make sense for the armour to be a similar colour.  Going for an old school sci-fi vibe I thought the silver would be well off set by a deep red.


Last minute however I changed my mind regarding the lava bases.  A recent game of Deadzone using the Exham IV mat, combined with the fact they are supposed to be demo-miniatures meant that the bases are now Martian, with toxic sludge.


I must say that Mantic has made some great miniatures here.  The box comes with enough extra weapons to create either a standard Steel Warrior or Stormrage Veteran squad with heavy weapons and Huscarl ( Forge Father officer) upgrades.    They were a pleasure to paint and I look forward to returning to this army when I expand it for Warpath.



Miniatures by Mantic

Scenery by LCA