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  • 04

    Kings of War Demo Day!

    11:00 -19:00
    Mountain Gremlin Games
    2 Commercial Quay
    Kings of War : The Game of Fantasy Battles
    All day the store will be running shorts demonstrations of this great game.
    Come along and see why Kings of War is the best Fantasy Battle game. Join in and be blown away by it’s intuitive system and fast paced rules.
    Although you don’t need to bring anything you are welcome bring along any fantasy miniatures you may have and be shown how they easily fit into this game.
  • 06

    Workshop: Painting Miniatures with Army Painter Paints

    13:00 -16:00
    Mountain Gremlin Games
    2 Commercial Quay

    Ever wondered how to paint miniatures?

    Or maybe fancied trying out a new range of paints?

    Then this workshop is for you.  Join the gremlins in this two day event, and we will show you how The Army Painter range works and how to apply the shading effects.

    Please bring

    One miniature undercoated

    You are also welcome to bring your own paint brushes.

    Paints are brushes are supplied by the store.

    Day One from 1pm – 4pm

    Painting the miniature and applying the wash.  You will learn how to use and mix basic colours.  How to thin paints and apply the correct coverage.  Then towards the end you will learn how to apply The Army Painter strong tone quickshade.

    Day Two from 1pm – 4pm

    After the wash is dry you learn about basic highlights.  Now the miniature has dried you can apply some basic highlights and take it home to varnish.

    Costs : €5

    Limit 6 painters

  • 11

    The Walking Dead & Here's Negan

    11:00 -19:00
    Mountain Gremlin Games
    2 Commercial Quay
    Come along play a demo of The Walking Dead: All Out War & Here’s Negan by Mantic Games
    Two excellent games set in the Zombie Apocalyptic world.
    All are welcome to join in, regardless of any particular skill level.
    Best of all it’s free!
  • 12

    Magic The Gathering

    16:00 -20:00
    Mountain Gremlin Games
    2 Commercial Quay
    This is a casual gaming event, the tables will be cleared of terrain & will be open later for you all to have a few games.
    Turn up, meet people & play
  • 13

    Painting Day

    13:00 -18:00
    Mountain Gremlin Games
    2 Commercial Quay

    Tables will be set up for painting.

    Please bring your own brushes and models.

    Paint can be supplied.

    Lets get those armies painted


    Free to attend