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October 09 - October 15
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    Deadzone Store Campaign

    230 North Wingfield Road
    230 North Wingfield Road
    Formal start date for the store Deadzone Campaign is the 11th of October 2017.  The campaign will run up to and including December 10th 2017.
    Players are free to choose any published faction including the new to be released GCPS.  Using the rules campaign rules from page 98 of the main book. Play will continue until the end date and the winner will be the team who has the most campaign points.  Rules used will be from the current rules and updated PDF.
    Players should play at least one game per week, preferably booked in advance the venue being of course the store.  Players should not play the same opponent twice.  Once a definitive list of players has been established, a series of matches will be arranged.
    New players of Deadzone are welcome to join in.
    Prizes will be awarded from the Deadzone OP Kit, therefore the maximum players is 12.
    Entry will cost £5 per player, to cover cost of the Organised Play kit. In the event the fee’s collected are beyond the cost of the kit, additional monies may be added to Prizes as store credit.
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