Miniature Painting Competition

31/08/19 16:00 - 19:00
Mountain Gremlin Games
Address: 2 Commercial Quay
Marking the Deadline for the miniature painting competition. The winner will be announced on this day. at 16:00.
One simple category 
Any miniature that typically fits or is supplied with a base no larger than 30mm round or square.
One entry fee 
The miniature you paint must have been purchased from the store. Conversions are allowed from your own bits box provided the base miniature is purchased in store.
To enter either – bring the finished miniature in to the store or take a picture of the completed miniature and send it via email or message to the store.
One Prize – One Goal
A Kolinsky Sable Brish from The Army Painter
One entry per customer.
Judges decision is arbitrary and final