X-Wing Tournament

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01/10/17 11:00 - 17:00
Mountain Gremlin Games
Phone:01246 916 551
Address: 230 North Wingfield Road
Aftermath! Though the second DEATH STAR has been destroyed. The IMPERIAL REMNANT seeks to establish a NEW ORDER to the galaxy. NEW REPUBLIC! forces gather to form a resistance to their dark plans.
Meanwhile criminals and smugglers ply their trade, supplying weapons to both sides and trying not to gain the ire of either…
This is Mountain Gremlin Games’ X-Wing Tournament.
£10 entry fee Pre-Booking available.
Prizes from the 40th Anniversary and Q2 cards
100 points
Max 10 players
Please bring squadrons from at least 2 of the following factions: Rebel, Imperial, Scum & Villainy.
Please also bring markers, dice, scenery etc.
In each mission please decide amicably who will be playing which faction.
In the missions that Scum & Villainy play in for setup purposes they may count as “Rebels”.
Other Tournament rules apply.
Registtration at 11:30 game starts at 12:00
Round One
Mission 1 Political Escort
Round Two
Mission 2 Asteroid Run
Round Three
Mission 3 Dark Whispers
Round Four (If required)
“Tournament Mission”
For latest tournament rules please see below

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