Kings of War – First and Last

24/08/19 10:00 - 17:00
Mountain Gremlin Games
Address: 2 Commercial Quay

Mountain Gremlin Games is hosting it’s fist Kings of War Tournament  in Ireland, which is going to be the last event of the current edition.

Kings of War Tournament using the most up to date rules from Clash of Kings

Cost is €5 which does not include entry to the event

1200 Points

Swiss rounds Fought over 4′ x 4′ tables

The event begins at 10:00

Random Scenarios from Clash of Kings – generated before each round.

Scoring As follows

Win 15
Draw 10
Loss  5

With the following attrition modifiers:

960 pts and above 5/-5
720-959 4/-4
480 – 719 3/-3
240-479 2/-2
60 – 239 1/-1
0 – 59 0/0

Points can be docked for bad sporting.

Awards for the following categories :

Winner – Per Score

Best Army – Arbitrary

Most Sporting Player – Arbitrary

New Dice Set – Per Score

Painted figures preferred & multi-basing welcome. Unpainted armies must have the appropriate amount of figures in each unit.  There is no preference of the manufacturer of miniatures, though if it is not obvious what the models are representing in the army they may not be permitted.  Any questions please ask ahead of the tournament.

Maximum of six players

Related upcoming events

  • 11/07/20 12:00 - 11/07/20 17:00

    A day of getting used to the rules of Kings of War.  Please bring any miniatures and questions you have. Demonstrations will be available too all day.

  • 18/07/20 12:00 - 28/08/20 18:00
    Come along and battle with the best fantasy battle game ever.  Today marks the date when the six week league begins.

    This is a six Kings of War gaming league. Where players are invited to play one "league game" of Kings of War each week. Table costs are either €5 per day or covered by membership. The initial opponent matches will be a random draw followed by swiss rounds.

    To join in all players must bring a force of models chosen from the "Kings of War Rulebook" or "Uncharted Empires". Players are responsible for collecting and painting their own forces. Allies are permitted. There may be space for two extra players using the store armies, prizes may be deferred to players who supply their own forces.

    Each week a scenario will be chosen by the Mountain Lord and made available to all players. Army lists may only be altered when the points value increases.

    More rules on the PDF below
  • 31/07/20 17:00 - 31/07/20 21:00

    This Months Tournament is Pioneer!

    Tournament Fee is €10, or €5 for members

    The format is pioneer

    Dress code is Black Tie

    The event begins at 5:30 and as usual the store will close at 9:00pm