Why Shop Here?!!

What makes Mountain Gremlin Games different?

Different stock lines- you will find titles in my shop that not everyone carries.  There are many places that you can go in to find common lines, I don’t carry just what everyone else does.  I pick my stock not only based on customer feedback but also on excellence of craftsmanship, value for money and replay ability.

Complimentary cuppa– the first one is on me, any others you may want are 50p

Not a gaming centre– what that means is: real focus on customer service you don’t just pay to walk in and use a table, I have many try before you buy games and pride myself on meeting customer needs, small tournaments where everyone who plays receives prize support. Also I refer to other places if I can not accommodate your needs.

I have stock on my shelves:  I consistently hear from customers who walk in “wow a game shop with stock” I receive regular orders and I am willing to get in what my customers are looking for

Off the beaten path which means you can find a place to park and are not having to pay for parking, you wont have someone standing in your path to try to get you to switch energy companies, donate to a charity or apply for a credit card.

Directly on a bus route– there is a stop less than a 2 minute walk straight on directly from the shop and frequent service from route 54

I support local small business. I carry LCA which is produced right here in Grassmoor and I support local community programs and schools when I can.

I listen to concerns and ideas and I love to promote great work. If you want to show off your excellent painted figures or unique conversions I will share them on my facebook page. Maybe you have written a scenario you would like to try out with a game I am more than happy to promote that as an in store event.