X-Wing The Miniatures Game 1st Edition – Core Set

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X-Wing miniature game core set.

Fast-paced game of tactical space combat  set in the Star Wars universe.

This game contains everything you need to start playing X-Wing:

2 Painted Plastic Tie Fighters

1 Painted Plastic X-Wing

3 Plastic Ship Bases

6 Plastic Pegs

8 ship Tokens

3 Maneuver Dials

4 Evade Tokens

3 Focus Tokens

12 Target Lock Tokens

11 Maneuver Templates

8 Tracking Tokens

1 Shuttle token

4 Satellite Tokens

6 Asteroid Tokens

2 Shield Tokens

3 Stress Tokens

3 Critical Hit Tokens

27 ID Tokens

1 Initiative Token

13 Ship Cards

33 Damage Cards

5 Upgrade Cards

1 Range Ruler

3 Red Attack Dice

3 Green Defence Dice

1 Rules Reference

1 Learn to play Booklet

1 Mission Guide



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