Operation Heracles 2 Player Battle Set : Warpath


Warpath Forge Fathers Enforcers Operation Heracles 2 Player Battle Set

This set contains everything you need to get started with Warpath, including:

Dual Format Warpath/Firefight Rulebook*

  • Operation Heracles Quick Start Guide
  • 8 Command Dice
  • 12 Plastic Activation Counters
  • 12 Plastic Suppression Counters
  • 4 Plastic Shield Counters
  • 2 Plastic Tag Counters
  • 10 Plastic Objective Counters
  • 5 Multi-Part Hard Plastic Enforcers with Weapon Options
  • 5 Multi-Part Hard Plastic Pathfinders with Weapon Options and D.O.G. Drone
  • 5 Multi-Part Hard Plastic Peacekeepers with Weapon Options
  • 1 Multi-Part Plastic Peacekeeper Captain
  • 10 Multi-Part Hard Plastic Steel Warriors with Weapon Options
  • 6 Multi-Part Hard Plastic Forge Guard with Weapon Options and Huscarl
  • 1 Multi-Part Plastic Jotunn Weapons Platform

Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires Superglue.*Please note the rulebook contains introductory rules and army lists. You will require the separate rulebooks if you want to use the full rules/army lists.


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