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  • 02

    Mountain Gremlin Games
    230 North Wingfield Road

    Local business LCA is coming to Mountain Gremlin Games.  Laser Cut Architect produces high quality and well designed laser cut terrain pieces, and gaming aids.  The owner of the company will be coming to the shop to run a Terrain building workshop. 

    Each person who enrols will be given a small terrain piece from LCA to build on the day, and take home.  There will be a chance to have a sneak peak at the next releases from the studio, and a chance to ask questions of the Architect himself.

    Space is limited to eight, so please book your space early

    To enrol please call, email or send a FB message.

  • 03

    Mountain Gremlin Games
    230 North Wingfield Road
    A night of Kings of War, to prepare for the upcoming Summer campaign:  Edge of the Abyss.
    Please bring an army of 1200 points.
    If you want to join in but don’t know the rules, a demo can easily be arranged.  If you have a collection of fantasy figures you can bring them along and see how easy it is to convert your army over.
    Feel free to join in the fun.
  • 05

    Mountain Gremlin Games
    230 North Wingfield Road

    This weekend you are invited to make use of the games table.

    An area will be set up to paint and build your figures


    A Deadzone will be set up if anyone fancies a quick game.


    Want to build something else NO PROBLEM! Bring any figures or models you fancy working on

    Want to play something else? THAT IS FINE TOO! The is a store library of games and you are all welcome to join in.

    By the way IT’S FREE!

  • 10

    Mountain Gremlin Games
    230 North Wingfield Road

    A night of Mantic’s The Walking Dead: All out war.

    An area of the store will be set aside to play.  Feel free to bring a group of survivors up to the value of 250 points.

    Demo’s available if you don’t know the rules yet.

    All welcome.

  • 12

    Mountain Gremlin Games
    230 North Wingfield Road

    Once again we are jetbike racing – one (well, two if you include veer – myn) bike (s) from each faction from Mantic’s Deadzone/Warpath universe:

    Enforcers, Plague, Veer – myn, Forge fathers, Rebs, Marauders, Asterians and a robot jetbike (because why not). Are competing in a race for the Theta-Epsilon-Alpha cup.

    8 players max – spectators & mutants welcome.

    Turn up and play. No previous experience required.

    Jetbikes models provided, and rules will be explained.

    Racing rules written by Daniel Burnham



01246 916 551