The Gremlin Grand Prix: Deadzone Jetbike Racing

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12/08/17 13:00 - 18:00
Mountain Gremlin Games
Phone:01246 916 551
Address: 230 North Wingfield Road

Once again we are jetbike racing – one (well, two if you include veer – myn) bike (s) from each faction from Mantic’s Deadzone/Warpath universe:

Enforcers, Plague, Veer – myn, Forge fathers, Rebs, Marauders, Asterians and a robot jetbike (because why not). Are competing in a race for the Theta-Epsilon-Alpha cup.

8 players max – spectators & mutants welcome.

Turn up and play. No previous experience required.

Jetbikes models provided, and rules will be explained.

Racing rules written by Daniel Burnham

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