About Us


Mountain Gremlin Games is a tabletop games shop, specialising in miniatures, wargames & board games.  Located in Grassmoor, Chesterfield we offer the best in gaming & painting in a relaxed environment where all are welcome.



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Product Ranges
Currently stocking a number of different miniatures and tabletop wargames, such as; The Walking Dead; All out War, Kings of War, X-Wing, Imperial Assault, Star Wars Rebellion, In Her Majesties Name, Coppermine miniatures, Ral Partha, Frostgrave, Gripping Beast, Conquest Games, Fireforge games, Copplestone Castings.

Gaming supplies from like lazer pointers from The Army Painter, acrylics paints from Americana and bases and movement trays from Renedra.

Board games like Catan, Boss Monster, Dungeon Saga, Dark Gothic – A touch of Evil, Takenoko, Welcome to the dungeon and many more.

A large pre-owned section, containing current and long out of production games and figures. The occasional refurbished laptop. This section is ever changing and expanding.  It is certainly worthwhile popping just to see what has come in.  You never know what you may find.



Gaming & Painting Area

There is a large gaming table. With space enough to run a number of skirmishes and painting area.  Or one large battle, and still have space for your rulebooks and miniatures.

If you would like to book a table for painting or gaming please call 01246 916 551 during opening hours to make a booking.  Or pop in and ask. Please see the Store Gaming page for more information.




Opening hours

11am – 6pm  Wednesday  – Thursday

11am – 7pm Friday – Saturday

12pm – 5pm Sunday

Closed Monday – Tuesday


Online shop

Mountain Gremlin is also the name of the eBay shop I manage. There I sell a number of out of production figures, spare parts for kits and books and magazines.


Useful links

Below is a link to a street map, the shop is very easy to find.  You can always call or email if you get stuck.



Below is a link to a gaming club I am a member of and I owe a huge thanks to.

Chesterfield Open Gaming Society